Thursday, June 16, 2011


I was strollin through a local craft store a couple of days ago brainstorming for a desk that I refinished a few years back.  On the scrapbook paper aisle I came upon an UH-MAZING find.  Faux croc paper.  This stuff looks sooooo REAL! SCORE!  The minute I saw it, I knew exactly what I would do.

To add to my freakish, over the top, excitement for this project, I was rocking the Little Mister during The Nate Show (soo addicted to) yesterday and low and behold what is he chatting about?  A $12,000 Ralph Lauren croc cocktail table and how you too can get this look... YEAH BABY! 
Well I forgot to take before pics because I was way too excited to get this underway.  Here ya go...

Soup and I also did a little work in our back yard as well.  The pool area is supposed to be calm and relaxing.  Ours is just down right stressing me out.  I feel like I need to close my eyes every time I walk out, but that wouldn't be a good idea because I would totally trip over one of the stinkin posts jutting up out of the concrete.  The previous owners needed MAJOR protection around the pool, and I get that, but I think they went a little over board.  Anyway, we have a looong list of things to do back here, starting with this lovely dirt bed here.  Before I took this photo, I removed the rock garden that previously lived here.  In all honesty, I do NOT qualify a pile of cement squares and quartz rock to be a "garden," but that's just me. 

We added some tropical plants, some oleander (which I'll be sure not to let my little ones munch on, it's poisonous), and some other little purple flowered creeper that Big Sis picked out.  Soup lined the bed with some really pretty stones so that all the dirt and mulch doesn't seep out into the walk.  I think it finished up nicely, can't wait to get crackin on the other areas!

I'm sure it will be a fabulous haven for the DISGUSTING  lizards that call our dwelling their home. YUCK!

Here is Little Sis doin some work.   As you can see our list is still in need of some check marks.  Fencing, concrete work, those stinkin posts... It could possibly never end.  :)

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