Friday, July 22, 2011

And the days get shorter...

 Well, we've picked out a preschool for our oldest Little Miss. :(  I am not ready to let her into the world, but I do understand that it is best to help her little personality flourish.

  The girls have picked up an new hobby...

  The Little Mister mastered crawling and taught himself to pull up on things, practically in the same week.

  We have nearly completed our kitchen reno.  Work is progressing in the sun room, dining room, and living room.  I hit the mother load a an awesome estate sale this week.  We have just been flat out busy in general over the past two months.  I thought summer time was a time for relaxing and vacationing, but that hasn't happened for us yet! Four more weeks til school starts? Boooooo. 

Here is what I've been working on. 

This piece was in really great shape, but I had somewhere specific to place it, so it naturally needed to be painted.  This is going in Little Sis' room.  I received her pillowcases, which will be the focal point of her "design."  After Soup gets her lovely wallpaper textured over, I can slap some paint on those shabby walls.... I can't wait!

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