Sunday, June 5, 2011


Before we moved into the new house, number 1 on my list was to get the Little Missies' rooms done.  I wanted them to have a smooth transition into their rooms for privacy and sweet slumber.  Well, we've been here a month and Littlest Miss only has strips of wall paper peeled off one wall.  Little Miss' room is still an 80's nautical paradise.  Soup and I still have a "camp out" style mattress that the Missies sleep on every night.  I tried once to put them in their own rooms, but honestly I don't have the strength or the heart to battle with them 3 hours a night! I hold onto the thought that if they helped decorate a precious, fun place to call their own, maybe they wouldn't struggle with being on their own so much.  Here are some of my ideas for their rooms:

I LOOOOOVE these designs from PB TEEN, but all in the icy purple color that I want for Littlest's room.
Nouveau Floral Organic Duvet Cover & Sham

I am crazy about the puffy pom pom duvet!  I am totally loving the ruffly rose pillow in this pic below!

Nouveau Floral Organic Duvet Cover & Sham

I am really stuck on the feminine texture of these though! I hope to figure out a way to pull it all together in an inexpensive knock off DIY way!

Ruched Standard Sham, White

Ruffle Rings Duvet Cover & Sham

I have tons more ideas for the girls' rooms, but until the money tree in our front yard drops its bountiful goodness, I'll just keep drooling over these photos!

Onto my contribution to the House for the day.  It's a decor addition to our living room.  But it came from our master bedroom, which was once the family room, are you still with me? :)  When I walked in and saw these babies, I was foaming at the mouth and already planning their next life!

Since they are still drying in my front entry (where most of my painting action happens), you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see their new home!

MMM mmm mmm, delicious!  I just love this turquoise! Hope Soup does too!  :)

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