Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A black and white story.

I bought this amazing mini chest at a "marriage" sale about a month ago.  I thought the idea of the marriage sale was pretty cute. The new couple had previously been married and were getting rid of all their stuff from their old relationship.  Great for me because I totally scored on this find and a larger chest with mirror.  I also purchased a sweet little frenchy set of nesting tables that I will be featuring soon.  So here is the before of Miss Amelia.

This chest is built with fabulous maple and extremely sturdy.  I planned on painting it from the beginning, but Soup put up a great fight.  He's all about the stain!  It did have a nice grain, but the warm rustic look just isn't what I'm goin for in Littlest's room.  Here's how it turned out!

 I am super happy with the clean chic look!  I'm sure it will look fabulous in her room! As you can see, this is not the icy purple, feminine little girl room I want for Littlest Miss.  This is in fact our sun room.  It's my photo room because it has the best light in our house and has the ONLY decently painted walls in our entire house.  Sad that there is only about 5 sq ft of nice paint, but still... :)  I'm workin on it!  I hope to have some energy to finish Bub's room this week, and then you can see some house progress! Yay!

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  1. Very pretty and feminine. My DH is all about the stain also. I am always very generous and tell him HE is more then welcome to strip and stain the piece if he would like. Way to much work for him so he lets me do what I want. LOL

  2. Thanks Deanna! That is exactly what I told my husband! He shyed away after that! :)

  3. so cute! i love the unique size of it. and i love that you kept the hardware dark since it helps tit into the accents. nicely done!