Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stuck in the 70's?

Well, our company is gone for the summer, and we have finally taken a few days to rest and have some family time!  I got to catch a couple estate sales this weekend and came out with some great finds.

After a light sand and prime, I applied two coats of Valspar Shark Loop(picked out for Little Mister's old room by Soup.)  I gave them a light distressing, and the applied two coats of poly.  I put the original hardware back on because they add a feminine, polished, look to these masculine tables. 

Soup loathed these boys the minute I brought them in.  He said they remind him of a badly decorated 70's apartment...  

So what do you think?  Did I bring them out of the 70's? Whether they won Soupy's heart or not, I love them and I think they turned out exactly the way I wanted them to!


The Shabby Nest

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  1. i definitely think they are out of the 70's now! they look great!